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Proline Hole Shot VTR in M3-Härte mit Einlage zum Kleben.


The 1:8 Truck class has advanced significantly in the past few years from chassis configurations, suspension, drive train technology and other advancements. Wheels and tires are no exception to this and today, Pro-Line introduces the next generation of wheel and tire combination with the VTR line.

Now, the VTR line packs a bigger punch with the Hole Shot tread pattern. The Hole Shot tread is your 2009 The Dirt Nitro Challenge Champion in 1:8 Truck. It's also been used to capture numerous regional and national events over the past decade. When you're looking to turn up the heat at a local, regional, or national level, check out the VTR series Hole Shot 1:8 Truck tire.

VTR is already the choice of champions:

    2009 Nitrocross World Championship -Ryan Cavalieri

  • 2009 Silver State Nitro Challenge Champion
  • 2009 Canadian Indoor Off-Road Shootout Champion - Chad Bradley
  • 2009 JBRL rounds #1 and #2 winner in 1:8 Truck - Ryan Cavalieri
  • The 2009 Hank Perry 240 Champion in 1:8 Truck - Rick McCrery
  • 2009 Memorial Day Shootout 1:8 Truck Champion - Phillip Atondo

Test Results:

Most likely the fastest tire ever created! We use the Hole Shot at nearly every event we attend especially in qualifying where it s so important to have a good starting position for the main events.
~ Pro-Line Team Driver, Chad Bradley

Hole Shot VTR Features:

  • Small pin design for the ultimate in responsiveness
  • A triumphant contender on blue groove to wet, hard packed surfaces.
  • Square-lug technology throughout the tread design
  • Available in World Championship / extremely proprietary XTR (Firm), M2 (Medium), and M3 (Soft) compounds

VTR Features:

  • Forward thinking 1:8 style mounting beads for increased bonding strength and easy mounting ability
  • Next generation long-lasting Molded Foam Inserts
  • The lightest 1:8 Truck wheel, tire, and foam combination available. Only 177 grams total weight (using Hole Shot M3 and zero offset wheels)
  • Balancing virtually unnecessary
  • Textured bonding surfaces with molded in glue channel
  • Narrow tire profile reduces sidewall flex while increasing agility and responsiveness
  • Packaged together with resealable bag complete with tire selection chart, tire performance tracking log, and tire identification ID labels
  • Tires and wheels designed, developed and made completely right here in the USA
  • A collaborative effort between World Champions Ryan Cavalieri, Billy Easton and Pro-Line's dedicated in-house engineering team you're getting the best of all worlds

What's included:

  • Hole Shot tire (2 pcs)
  • Next generation long-lasting Molded Foam Inserts (2 pcs)
  • Resealable bag (1 pc)
  • Tire ID labels (1 sheet)

REIFENTYP: 1/8 Off-Road Truggy
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